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Originally Posted by NiHaoMike View Post
So they use a mini split to do the dehumimore humid and dification? Actually, that's a great idea. Install a very undersized unit to do the dehumidification and use hydronics to pick up the rest.
I don't know if it was exactly a mini-split, but that would work in a home... but I'm sure that there was some de-humidification involved.

randed tried to run water straight from his ground loop directly through a HX that was in a ceiling mounted blower unit to cool his shop. He reported that the setup was able to lower the air temperature, and that there was considerably more condensation on the fan HX that he had expected. But the overall experience that he reported was that his shop became more humid, and not much more comfortable.

So yeah, some de-humidification would be required, but not as much power would be required to make the whole thing work as a straight on air conditioner.

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