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Hi Iamgeo,

First the holes I made were 6 inch diameter, just large enough to push a 6 inch ductwork pipe thru.

I wanted the tubes to enter my basement between my basement floor joists so I went into the basement and drilled a pilot hole from the inside out (dead center between the right/left floor joist.

I then went back outside and drilled a 1 inch hole using the pilot hole as my guide.

I then stuck my recipricating saw into the 1 inch hole and cut slices from the center out to the outside 6 inch perimeter circle.

so I kept cutting a bunch of slices from the center out as I worked my way around the hole till I had a whole bunch of apple pie slices in front of me.

I then used the same saw to work my way out to the edge and cut around the perimeter of the circle.

Cutting pie slices 'first' gives your recipricating saw a break when doing the final cut.

Once I had the hole cut I just stuck a 3 ft. piece of galvanized metal duct tube thru the hole into the basement.

From that pipe I ran my insulated hose to where I wanted the floor register to be.

TIP: If you don't like fan noise it can be easily eliminated by running 'flex insulated hose' rather then pipe at least 8 feet before you come thru the floor with your supply register.

Fans blowing thru metal tubing make quite a bit of noise.. so use pipe to come into the basement but then switch over to insulated flex duct for the rest of the way to your register.

To insulate the 6 inch pipes outside I just slid 6 inch insulated flex hose right over the pipes going to the collectors.

The inner part of the flex insulation hose is reinforced plastic so I slid the plastic over the pipe real close to the collector and stuck a heavy duty plastic TIE on over the plastic to hold it in place then just slid the insulated part of the hose up over the plastic and sealed it with aluminum tape.

Sorry.. I do not have any pictures of the actual hole before inserting the piping.
Pat from Warwick, RI

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