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First, Pinball - thanks for your nice comments on my systems. Appreciate it.


I'd be very interested in learning more of your duct board expirements.

I've never looked at Dow Tuff R foam board with reflective coverin both sides as being a hazard to our health.

Figured if they put it in residential properties all over the world it would be fine but according to what you are saying if it's exposed to extreme heat it could be a problem.

Could you elaborate on what you learned? or know?
What temps were they talking about where as the material could become hazardous?

All of the Dow Tuff R insulation boards used in my collectors are surrounded by aluminum meaning aluminum sheet goes into my frame first.. then the foarm board, then aluminum sheet 'over the foam board'

When the top piece of aluminum is heated by the sun that heat can not go out thru the back of the aluminum because the reflective coating on the foam board is face up right up against the aluminum sheet I use for the absrober plate.

So am I making things worse by not allowing heat to escape out the back?
If I did that, I'd not have any collection of heat to circulate into my house?

Aluminum releases heat as fast as it's heated so I'm hoping that the heat being generated by the aluminum absorber sheet is released and circulated into the house prior to the insulation heating up.

Dow claims the product is good to 190 degrees but that's probably before it begins to melt?
They also claim it emits no harmful chemicals into the ozone.

Great information you provided Exeric!

ya definetly got my attention!
So Im going to have to check into this situation further.

Thanks so much for jumping in and voicing your concerns about the product.
Pat from Warwick, RI

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Comments and/or suggestions I make here at the forums on 'your' projects as well as my own have all been carefully and scientifically calculated by 'the seat of my pants'
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