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We have only wood heat here. In the winter we close off most of the house and move into the large living room. Our bed is actually in between the living room and the kitchen/dining room so it is like a cabin. When the kids and wife are home I keep it 62-64 inside. When they are gone more like 56-57. I let it go out every night without stoking the fire (unless it is really cold). Then in the morning it is typically 52 and my wife hides in bed with the kids for 45 mins until it warms up. I have only heard my daughter say she was cold once. My wife finds it to be a bit of a pain though. A while back I used to live in a house with a bunch of fellow undergrads and we kept it around 53...that felt quite cold. Our house with the wood heat feels much hotter. If we are cold it is 80 deg right by the wood stove, so we just pull up a seat.

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