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Hey Daox thanks for chiming in. Iím interested in a DIY installation though I wouldnít know where to start with layout and design. I took advantage of the federal tax credits for my geothermal installation (which was an easier decision because that involved some specialized equipment for the vertical loop field.) Itíll be a plus to future owners that the system was installed professionally. But man is it expensive.

So many questions to ask and so many more I donít even know about because Iím so new to this! But itís something Iíve wanted to do for a long long time and donít want to put it off any longer.

Several roofers say I have about ten years left on my roof so Iím planning on a new roof as part of the project. Also tree removal. Iíve heard conflicting answers on whether the tree and roof work is eligible for the tax credit. If anyone has any insight into this Iíd appreciate learning more.
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