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I'm not sure why you are arguing. What you are talking about is in no way helpful or relevant to air conditioning a "van" or a Jeep. There is nowhere to store ice, and even if there was you would have to refill it. An air conditioning system provides cold air on demand at any time, and is unlimited for as long as you have power or gas.

Weight vs weight doesn't mean anything. As I said, I'm already installing a large battery for other purposes, and any sort of recreational vehicle needs to have more than just a starting battery also. If the power is there (literally 120v outlets) then an A/C compressor is a wonderful thing. But if you are concerned about weight, the lithium battery will save me about 30lbs over the original lead acid. I'm not here to discus battery technology.

It's hard to find a place to mount an electric A/C system in a vehicle, but certainly a hell of a lot easier than storing ice. I honestly can't comprehend what you are arguing about. Nobody uses ice to cool a car. That is not even remotely practical.

If you're talking about heating/cooling a house, then yes, definitely water and ice have way better storage capacities than batteries for less money. This is totally different than what you need in a vehicle.
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