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Originally Posted by CozyCamper View Post
Do you think that this small of a system is viable?

Originally Posted by CozyCamper View Post
There has to be a reason that no one is doing it this way.
I would bet on 3 main reasons.

#1> Follow the leader.
Most people do what they see other people do .. so it becomes a self full-filling loop .. people don't do it because they don't see other people doing it .. because they didn't do it , then other people don't see them doing it .. etc.

#2> DIY
OEM bought HRV is expensive .. it can be a fairly inexpensive not hard to make DIY version .. but most people lean away from DIY , some lean toward it .. but overall the majority of the population lean away from DIY.

#3> Small Space
This is 2 fold:
3a> Small spaces already cost small $ to heat and cool .. so inefficient methods (open windows in winter, etc) don't hit as hard , as they would for much larger spaces .. 50% of a heating bill on $20 is only $10 , but 50% on a heating bill of $2000 is $1000 , even though it's the same 50% either way.

3b> Small Spaces are already tight on space .. and HRV is just one more thing to suck of space .. so even those people who would otherwise do it , might choose to compromise and do without it because of the space limitations.
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