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Hello everyone.

I am currently in the early stages of designing a van conversion (Fiat Ducato) for full time living. One of the problems raised by many people doing this is the excess moisture buildup. Every conversion I saw uses roof mounted windows with fans installed. Some people stated that they are running the fans very frequently even during winter. I really do not like this approach and thought that HRV could be a better solution. Unfortunately I found no one doing this.

My idea is to mount the heat exchanger beneath the floor and have the exhaust and intake below the vehicle. My thinking is that it would potentially result in cooler air in summer and protect the intake from rain ingress and I don't have to make holes in the roof. The total volume of air inside is about 14-16m3. I have 3 distinct spaces I would like to ventilate, the general living space (~8m3), bathroom (~2m3) and a storage space below bed (~4m3). I was thinking about using automotive cabin ventilation fans to move the air - readily available, built for longevity and relatively cheap, especially used ones.

Do you think that this small of a system is viable? There has to be a reason that no one is doing it this way. If I could get 60-80% heat recovery I would be very happy. It sure would beat just pumping out the warm air through the roof windows.
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