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There are other appliances like the dish washer that use hot water, most only have 1 water connection and its recommended it be connected to hot water. Then if you connect them to cold water then they just use their built in heating element to heat the water.
Toilet water can be heated in some cases to prevent moisture from condensing on the toilet running down the toilet causing mold or wood rot.
For me I get oil, grease, hydraulic fluid, diesel on clothes so the real dirty stuff gets washed in the hottest water possible.

I already bought the 316 alloy 2.5 inch tube last year for 70 cents a pound.
When the scrap 4 inch pipe becomes available it should only be around 50 cents per pound because its only 304 alloy. 8 to 10 inches of 0.080 wall 4 inch pipe is about 1 pound. If I cant get enough 0.080 wall then I will use 0.062 wall, which should be closer to 1lb per foot.

I am thinking this is going to be a bigger energy saver for winter time.
Ground water comes into the house any where between 40'F and near freezing, even our natural gas hot water heater cant keep up during winter.
The summer time water temperature differential is only around 30'F, but during winter it will be nearly double that.
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