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Default utilitech

I like how bright those are, but I'm not so sure about their lifespan..
Yesterday, I had another 40w failure. That's the 2nd one that's died.
One of the others that failed was a round designer type (from bathroom fixture).

Glad these have the 2 year store replacement deal..

I've got two new ($15) 60w LEDs from Home Depot that are working good so far.
AmbientLED 12-Watt (60W) A19 Soft White (2700K) Light Bulb-423343 at The Home Depot

They look odd, but they work very nicely..

Brightness: 805 lumens
Light Appearance: 2700K (Soft White)

$5 cheaper than the Utilitech 60-Watt Equivalent Model #: LA19/OM800/LED
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