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The utilitech pro brand available at lowes is great. I get the "40watt equivalent" that costs under $9 each. They are brighter than the "60W equivalent" CFL's. I have them side by side in the light fixtures over the bathroom vanities, and side by side with those CFL's in ceiling fan light fixtures, so it is a direct side by side comparison. The bathroom fixtures are the kind that is designed for 4 or 6 40W incandescents in a row. I currently have plenty of light with 3 of these LEDs and 1 CFL in the 6 light fixture, and 2 of these in the 4 light fixture. They have outlasted several CFL's already, over more than 2 years.

The light is exactly like a regular incandescent, and the bulbs with their integrated heatsink are actually rather decorative (certainly more so than the CFL's!).

Contrary to most of the posts on this topic, these are not highly directional. If you make your own or jury-rig something that is based on the typical tiny 3.5 mm LED, then yes those are directional, but these are every bit as diffuse as an incandescent. Light only comes out the front 180 degrees, though.

They do seem to make versions that are directional for spotlights, I've seen them there in the display at lowes next to these, but I don't have any experience with those.
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