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Default Led tv

Here's a video of the LEDs that I posted about above..

Green slot :: LEds video by Xringer - Photobucket

The three 60w LEDs we use in our main lamps, seem to be just as bright
as the 100w CFL they replaced. Not sure why..

The last 60w shown is only used as a reading lamp in that corner of the room.
The living room and main den 60w blubs are on a few hours every night.

We do have some other LED lighting. In the living room there is a motion activated night light and,
there are some small always-on LED light lights in the bath room and kitchen.
The LED reading lamp on the master bedroom headboad is solar powered.
It's used 2 to 3 hours each night by my wife.

Hey, I forgot.. This new 22" display has an LED back light..
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