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I wanted one those LG all in one washer/dryer, yet $1300 to save energy would costs years to recoup. Thats if the machine was still working in ten years.
I measured the power consumption of my top loading washing machine and it used about
.26 kwh. We do about four loads of laundry so that amounts to 1 killawatt a week.
The dryer on the other hand can't be measured because of the three prong plug. I looked on the back it was 5000 watts. So the dryer is the culprit. I have started to run the spin cycle on the washer one more time after the wash is finished. I pulled the hose from the back of the washer and held the hose into a bucket while the spin cycle was in motion.
I was able to draw a few cups of water out of the laundry just by running the spin cycle again. This seems to help not having to run the dryer as long.
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