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I just went a couple of rounds with a mobo/processor/memory rig like that. I believe it was the same processor, maybe not the k version. Intel desktop board with a skull on it. The eyes light up to indicate hard drive activity.

I needed to get windows 10 on my htpc, since the streaming service providers only send surround sound audio if you are using their windows 10 app. I figured hey, why not upgrade the whole thing?

Once I swapped motherboards, the Intel board refused to boot anything. I tried a gaggle of methods. System would post, bios working great, then it would hang at error code 00. Screen showed a 0 and that's all folks.

I finally figured out that all the graphics cards I have are too new. Board has no onboard video, so until I find a 12 year old video card, I'm stuck. I put the old motherboard back in the case and loaded up a fresh windows 10 on it.

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