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Yeah, some people call them Radon Fans, but I'm not a fan of that.
I think calling them Radon pumps came about because they are installed in a hole with a Sump Pump.
Both of them pump out stuff you don't want.

Basement HRV (Heat recovery ventilation) devices that I saw online years ago,
were installed in basement windows, that were high off the floor.

Radon is very heavy, so it mostly stays on the floor. So, to pump it out,
the air-input needs to be down close to the floor.
An oil furnace or a dryer will clean out a little of your radon. But a pump
that's designed to move Radon-Air, will do a much better job.

Because the basement slab is warmed up to *55 F by Mother Earth, I can run
my Radon Pump, oil burner (for hot water) and laundry dryer when it's
very cold outside, and not have to worry about the basement getting too cold.
The cold air sucked into the basement is heated up to 55 F, by free heat from the earth. It's seems to be a never ending supply.
* 55 is the current temperature, it will go up and down, but mostly stays around 50 this time of year.

My kid's basement is heated because she works down there 8 hours a day.
But the Mini-Spit easily keeps the open work & rec area warm as toast.

Lately, my Radon levels have been averaging pretty low, so I don't use the Radon Pump very much.
However, Flash Flood warnings are in the forecast for tomorrow! 12-25-2020

Have a good New Year,
My hobby is installing & trying to repair mini-splits
EPA 608 Type 1 Technician Certification ~ 5 lbs or less..
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