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Default AirThings Radon sensor

It's an older Gen1 model, so it's not able to talk to Amazon..
It's about to finish up it's 1 week calibration run.

So far, I'm liking it. I've inserted the rain record since 11/29/20 so you can see the Rain-to-Radon relationship.
Seems like water pressure increasing in the soil, might be squishing out the Radon. So the Radon up-flow rate increases.
This happens so fast, my old theory of increased water flow over granite (which has high radon content), erodes the rock, releasing more Radon might not be the whole story.
Lately, I've heard that increases in barometric air pressure can cause your basement to have more Radon. I wonder if that's accurate.?.
Seems like it might be. If the rain water pressure theory is sound.

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