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I fully agree with ac hacker on the "modern" approach being usually worse than the "historical" approach. The green new dealers would have us throw out our working system and build a whole new "modernized" one at enormous expense and resources. Don't be fooled. Look at Germany and California and the new power problems they've created following this new plan. A drastic change from centralized, power dense power sources towards low density, distributed generation opens up a big can of worms.

In the end, it's all of us end users that will be paying for the missing parts and reliability shortcomings. Yes, conservative habits and design improvement can shave and save a lot, but we can't just cut gigawatts off and not expect shortfalls to happen. A peak in demand with a short supply cannot be met by small sources; there has to be grid inertia to absorb the load. A massive electric flywheel if you will. No matter how you slice it, this cannot be met by any means by what the greens call renewable energy sources. Unless you fudge the numbers, then it only works on paper.
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