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Default A Very Strong Parallel

I see a very strong parallel between this discussion, and many other discussions on EcoRenovator, regarding say, the building of a home, and what is the cheapest heat, etc., etc.

Many people begin with heat, as a caveman sitting around a fire might do. Regarding a home, the wisest approach would be to build it to have the absolute minimum energy loss. First, orientation to the environment so as to maximize natural energy gain, and minimize energy loss. Next, very much attention to reducing to the absolute minimum infiltration. After that, the best, most effective insulation, etc. After these things are done, heating becomes almost trivial.

My point is that any scheme that seeks to maintain or increase the squanderous civilization we find ourselves in, only hastens the total collapse of civilization. It has happened before in history. We have no guarantee that it will not happen again, odds are that it will happen again. If you are aware, you can see signs that it is underway now.

Our duty as beings, capable of knowing and learning, must be to develop "down". In other words to strategize and design ways to drastically reduce our energy and resource consumption while making a world worthwhile, and importantly, placing value on our own lives that does not depend on bigger, newer, faster or richer.
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