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So here are some thoughts.

1. The article appears to be worried about the amount of metal and materials that will be needed to build the new infrastructure. I would like to see a comparison between what it took to build the current infrastructure and the new one with respect to the materials used along with a current day cost analysis of the two. Must remember that coal burning power plants require millions of tons of steel to transport the coal on a daily basis to the plant where it will be burned.

2. One of the great anti-clean energy arguments is how much money it will take to switch over. I say so what. Every politician in the country says jobs are great for the economy. Well there are the jobs. Spend the money and when the project is more or less complete we not only get the benefits of cleaner air but because of the cleaner air, much less illness in the country, hence fewer medical bills for many citizens. And maybe it would even help out with human-based climate change.

3. I also advocate for as many private homes as possible to have their own power plants and battery backup. This is not only for the obvious reason of self sufficiency. Occasionally one will hear the current president say things like we need to have more coal burning power plants for the security of our country because some bad actor might try to sabotage the plants. My thoughts say that if every one has their own power plant it is a lot harder to sabotage all of them than it would be for a few dozen or hundred coal burners short of a massive EMP.

4. The often mentioned use of cobalt was referred to in the article. I expect that within a few years that lithium batteries will no longer be using cobalt as an electrode. We know that Tesla is working on a way around that issue and if they can solve it so can many others.

5. I'm very tired right now so none of this may apply once I am properly awake.

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