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Default Resource Use for Renewables

I hope this isnít considered political and is in the right spot. Iím not posting it to start a debate, more to hear your guys thoughts on the article. Itís a piece written by someone who to me seems somewhat cynical on the renewable energy front, but even if his numbers are off, I think his point is still valid.

The use of materials required do to the necessary overbuilding of a fully renewable power system are going to be very large in terms of batteries, structure, and all those higher power transmission lines aggregating the smaller generation points vs one larger generation point.

Another interesting report by the Minnesota PUC I read regarding the ďpolar vortexĒ we in this region experiences last year, stated that once it got below -25*F all of their wind turbines stopped either due to lack of wind or for safety reasons due to low temp... right when they are needed most to keep the heat on for residents. Obviously the second part could be resolved with additional engineering, but it does shed light on some of the less considered challenges of going carbon free at a utility level.

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