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Originally Posted by mechanic View Post
I installed an Ecobee thermostat in 2014 and was very happy with it. It was easy to program, gave nice detailed runtime reports and compared multiple years, could control off my phone when out of town, and it could run a few smart plugs I used to control my hot water re-circ loop and my air exchanger. Anyways I just went to check my runtimes and realized it stopped sending to the server in January. After diagnosing over the phone I was told its likely no longer supported and there is no upgrade program for existing customers, but don't worry it will still work fine, just the wifi doesn't work.

So what systems are people on here using now that have these capabilities?
When I got to thinking about this question, it dawned on me: why not make a man in the middle device? Sense the high versus low condition on the output leads to the thermostat wire, and log high (or low) condition versus real time? (wait, you wanted command from anywhere capability like you lost).

This being EcoRenovator website, a quick google search came up with open source thermostat systems to run on a Raspberry Pi. If you had open source on the brains, you could code the back end device to write all that run-time data to wherever you wanted in any tabular format you like.

Alternatively, look at a Control By Web X-300.
This does not appear to be a sexy front end wall device. You may have to get creative if you go this route. I know my wife would NOT want to log into a PC to change the thermostat settings. (it was enough challenge getting her to use an app to control the thermostat when she's upstairs).

For awhile, the users with Nest Thermostats managed to find a back door API that gathered run time data and humidity data for them. However, within the last 12 months there appears to have been a migration of the Nest devices to Google Accounts and that appears to have broken the data logging folks were using. Nest currently says they don't offer the run time and humidity data outside of viewing it on their web page. That run time data only shows up for ~10 days, then it goes away from being viewable, into never-never land...
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