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Default Data logging wifi thermostat

I installed an Ecobee thermostat in 2014 and was very happy with it. It was easy to program, gave nice detailed runtime reports and compared multiple years, could control off my phone when out of town, and it could run a few smart plugs I used to control my hot water re-circ loop and my air exchanger. Anyways I just went to check my runtimes and realized it stopped sending to the server in January. After diagnosing over the phone I was told its likely no longer supported and there is no upgrade program for existing customers, but don't worry it will still work fine, just the wifi doesn't work.

So what systems are people on here using now that have these capabilities? Their new one looks very nice but i'm not dropping $400 on a new thermostat every 6 years when they decide to come out with a new model (the new ones are down to $330 I guess). I could just use as is but the data logging was very nice to see if something has changed with the house. I liked being able to check on things when out of town as well...

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