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Default nest camera

There was a Great Gray Owl in the yard the other day which got me thinking (again) that I'd like to put a nesting platform up to hopefully attract a nesting pair of raptors. And if I'm going to climb a tree to do this (something I'm equipped to do) I might as well include a camera. But... while I don't mind climbing to put things in place I want no part of climbing to change batteries or memory cards. Thinking this has been done before and a solution would be easy to find I turned to google only to learn there's a home security camera with the name 'nest cam' which renders googling ineffective for someone actually interested in putting a camera in a bird's nest. So while my question is totally off topic y'all have proven a resourceful group with a wide range of knowledge and experience so I'm asking here: What is a typical nest camera setup with power and storage remotely accessible?


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