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Originally Posted by MN Renovator View Post
...Seriously, I freaked about the whole 'fiberglass itch' thing too and when I actually dealt it a few times, I realized it wasn't anything more than a slight annoyance even when I was careless the second time. If you are seriously scared of a minor itch for a few hours, just cover yourself with seran wrap or some other plastic taped on to you so you don't come in contact with the fiberglass...
I think that the real hazard with fiber glass is breathing in the tiny airborne fibers into your lungs. A simple face mask is not enough to stop the particles, you need a full canister-type mask.

The fibers are so small that the cilia of the lungs are not able to move the particles out of the lungs, and the result is an acceleration of the diminishing of lung capacity, which diminishes anyway as we age.

So the net result becomes evident as we enter our 'golden years' with a greatly reduced ability to enjoy them.


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