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Default Heat pump plus comprehensive plan

Attached is a sketch of a comprehensive plan for space and water heating for both my current house and another smaller house I'm in the early stages of constructing. In our house we have the in-floor radiant system and the PV solar array already. I am preparing to install the source field and heat pump over the next year or two. All of the shown components will also be put in the new construction although the PV solar will be somewhat smaller since it is to be a smaller house at 1200 SF.

I have spent a good deal of time trying to understand how to integrate these systems to achieve as close to an energy zero house as possible. The missing feature in the sketch, of course, is the means of monitoring and controlling the system. I want to employ many, many sensors, so I can learn what's happening, for example, in the ground where the source loop is planted. That phase will come eventually, but for now I feel happy to have simply conceived of the project as a whole instead of many, separate parts I've got to link together.

I'm putting the sketch up for comment and criticism because I've come to realize that this site is populated by lots of folks who know their business and are creative thinkers. I'll do my best to respond to questions. The PV array can be found on another thread titled "DIM 5500 w PV Array," and a short video of it can be found on YouTube at "TrackingQT1." Conversations about our radiant heating system can be found on other threads. Thanks in advance for your advice.

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