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Originally Posted by AC_Hacker View Post
800/300 x 100 = 267%

This is absolutely the first time I have heard of a Peltier junction efficiency achieving anything remotely close to 267% as you stated. The efficiency I have usually seen quoted is in the neighborhood of 17%.

Did you do the tests yourself? Do you know of any studies that match, or even vaguely approximate your results?
I haven't worked on that project in over a year and those figures were all off the top of my head, so they might be a bit off, but the peltier junctions are MUCH better heat heating then cooling because they are fighting them selves, their efficiency drops quickly as the temp difference of the two sides increases, so it really depends on your environment, clearly not perfect for a lot of applications, but a choose this for my little electric car because my old heater was pulling slightly warm air off the motor and it took a long time to heat up, this heats up much quicker and adds a boost by pulling the heat out of that slightly warm air from the motor.
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