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Default Convert freezer to space heater?

Greetings. I have a small insulated room, about 150 square feet, that I would like to heat cheaply and efficiently. I was thinking an air-source heat pump would be good, but they are expensive and small ones are hard to find. So I thought maybe a cheap freezer could be converted to heat this space, by basically using the vapor compression components from the freezer as heat pump components for the room. I would like this to operate down to 0F.

I have two main concerns:
1) How would I prevent frost buildup on the evaporator outside? Are there built-in defrost controls in freezers that would still work with this application?
2) If the compressor is forced to run at low lift for an extended period of time, for instance, when the outside air is 50F and the inside is at 65F, would this cause damage to the compressor or prevent the cycle from working?

Any thoughts or other concerns with this application would be appreciated. Thanks!

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