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Originally Posted by Stoneri View Post
Hi All,

I am looking to get Solar and Battery and had a quote from Project Solar at the weekend. I have seen that they don't have the best reviews on here but wanted to share what they have offered and see if I should run or go for it.

4KW system fully fitted with the Boiler Dr (stupid name!!) and new Duracell Battery. They quoted 13,300 with a 10.5 ROI projection.

It does seem a lot to me.

The bit that is selling it to me is the Social Energy bit with energy trading and battery charge trading. This is all very new and the only company offering it so would be tied to them.

Does anyone have any knowledge on this scheme?

Also, they stated that I could only have a 4kw system as that is the maximum for the feed in/export. Anything above that I would need local power supplier that true? I had another quote for a 4.88kw system with no mention of that.

Is the Duracell offering good or shall I just stick to Tesla?!

Thanks in advance
You are in Montreal and getting quotes in British Pounds? PV should be around $3.50/w installed plus the battery stuff which id dependent on your voltages and capacities.
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