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Default Got a question through the site about phantom power use

I'm single and conserve energy, yet my usage is 2,300 kilo for 28 days. I live in an apartment that was built in 2006. My highest usage in a similar apartment was 600 kilo in the middle of winter. I have been tracking usage daily and I use 80-90 kilo compared to the 12-16 kilo that is the daily average in 15 other apartments in my apartment complex. I use this amount without heat or air conditioning on. The electric company tested the meter and found it to be working fine. I had a renters advocate test all the appliances for usage. They found no problem. We suspected the water heater, when because when I turned the water heater breaker off the usage went down to 13 kilo per day. My landlord replaced the water heater thinking this could be the problem. No change. When I turned the main breaker off for the whole apartment for five hours, the meter did indeed stop, so its the correct meter. I tried using nothing in my apartment except for leaving the refridgerator and water hea!
ter on and I still used 69 kilo in a day. What do you recommend?
Any ideas?

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