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Welcome, osolemio.
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Can't believe I haven't been on the forums for 5 years!

My main project is still running, a house I renovated with many improvements:

Solar Thermal
Seasonal heat storage, under the building
Drain Heat Recovery
Insulation and more

Almost 100 near identical houses are on the same local district heating (from natural gas). Since last year, all the heat meters have been changed to a new type that can be read remotely. That means that heating data exists for all house.

My house is using about 30% of the average consumption of these houses. Note that I didn't write 30% less. I wrote 30% OFF. Yes, 70% less.

The units are roughly 1500 sqft, in two floors plus attic. Most of the houses are attached (common wall) 4 together, some of them only 3.

I still have more to improve but I don't live there so can't spend much time on it. The house is rented out to a family with two kids (so it's not like they don't use any ressources).

Space heating/cooling and water heating by solar, Annual Geo Solar, drainwater heat recovery, Solar PV (to grid), rainwater recovery and more ...
Installing all this in a house from 1980, Copenhagen, Denmark. Living in Hong Kong. Main goal: Developing "Diffuse Light Concentration" technology for solar thermal.
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