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Originally Posted by jeff5may View Post

Hey! How did the board repair go?

To answer your question, a 1 ton unit isn't that powerful. No matter what kind of improvement you try, you're not going to save much money. Assuming you are talking about an inverter unit like the repair discussion, there's even less efficiency to gain. Maybe at full speed, in turbo cool mode, you might save a few percent of energy.
Board repair didnt go to hot. The board had an angle . And solder dripped over another part of the board now i have to figure how to unsolder that part of the board also . Ill figure it out i always do . Kinda like when i got my patent filed it was harder for me to do the patent than the actual design of the invention.

The 2 ton is the one that the grasshopper messed up the 1 ton is my backup 15 seer kozykool . Its like 6 or 7 years old.It still cools like a champ.
I mist on the coils when it gets super hot. I dont like to because of the well water i am on.
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