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Originally Posted by MN Renovator View Post
Menards was selling their blown-in cellulose for $4 after mail in rebate until the end of September. I bought 50 bags at $4.29 each and got another 8 larger bags (21.4 pounds instead of the downsized 18.1) for $20. You can get just over 1000 pounds of cellulose, a bunch of spray foam cans, and the rental cost for about $300. Places like Home Depot and Lowe's sell it to you for more money but factor in the price of the blower rental to 20 bags, so if you get 20 bags it is a wash but for me blowing 58 bags it costs less to actually pay for the 24 hour rental at Home Depot for cellulose bought elsewhere.

Also keep in mind you'll probably get an even lower price if you buy this stuff from a lumberyard. Another member, I think it was S-F said that buying it from a lumberyard gets a higher quality product with lower dust. ..maybe bigger bags and a better price. Menards stacks 48 of the 18.1 pound bags to a pallet, when I bought mine, they just forklifted the pallet over and we loaded two vehicles with about 30 something bags, dropped off the cellulose at home, and came back for the rest of the load.
Definitely considering a lumber yard, but for initial calculations (after lumber yard hours) I can pull prices from the big box websites. Had a frown knowing construction isn't going to start until well after the rebate which usually happens around heating season.
There's a local tool rental that has a Force 2 blower that we'll rent to get the walls as dense as possible. Maybe use the free blower for the attic.
Also need to price the Insulweb at the yard too! Menurds is $468 for 8'X750' which is WAY more than we need.

In fact I still need to reprice the 12" energy heel trusses from a lumber yard rather than Menurds.
This new construction planning is so time consuming when you don't pick a floor plan and designer and all of that expensive route stuff.
DIY is more satisfying, cheaper and better quality in my opinion.
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