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Originally Posted by gasstingy View Post
Ours stays at 73 all winter and 76 all summer...the wife is home all day and that's the temperature that makes her happy. We've disagreed over the temperature for a time and then I gave in {up?}.
This reminds me of a time when a girlfriend of mine, who had been working in South America, came up to live with me in Oregon, in the winter.

I was burning wood to heat the house, and she liked the house temperature nice and toasty warm. In fact, she'd sit close to the wood stove, in shorts and halter top, sipping ice tea.

So one day, when I was outside in the frost and near-freezing drizzle, chopping wood to support her tropical comfort, the idea came to me that she might be interested in learning a new skill.

So, I showed her where the wood pile was, and what a splitting maul was for, and how to do the work safely.

I'd have to say, that even though I preferred the way she looked in shorts and halter top, she still looked pretty good in sweater and jeans.

I'm not an HVAC technician. In fact, I'm barely even a hacker...
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