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Originally Posted by Ron342 View Post
Great idea!
I think you will be a bit short in hole depth unless maybe you are in ground water for a good portion of your 30 ft. It may be tho that since domestic hot water use is intermittant, your loop may have time to "recover" between runs.
A cool shower is not as bad there as here in winter!
If going deeper is not a huge problem while you're set up - I'd sure do that.
Of course if that didn't work you could always do another 30 footer and add on.
The other thing that I wonder about is the 60 ft plus of 1/4" evap tubing - thats a small diameter for that length even for 5000 btu.
Good luck and take pics!!!

He's in Mississippi. I've lived in MD, and also in MS. Spring comes very early in MS, and summer stays a long time. So, the average soil temperature can be a full 10 degrees F warmer than it is in MD. That makes a lot of difference.


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