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Howdy name is Jake,
I have been looking and looking and using all kinds of search tools, could be that I'm just overlooking something.
I'm planing a HPWH design with a 5,000 BTU (or larger if needed) AC window unit. I plan to use BBQ Propane (after freezing and running it through a few dryers). Its a 50 Gallon electric water tank and I plan to running copper tubing (maybe nickle electroplated?) into the tank. I plan to start my own thread but am just giving details so ya'll can answer this question better. My plan is to drill a 2" hole 30' feet deep (i've done it before, very easy) and running my DX line in a loop down and up again. Around here the soil temp stays about 58F. Is this possible? I understand with much larger systems you need a closed loop system. But would this work? Has it ever been tried? If not I'm standing by with the need recording devises to get accurate info during testing and will post my finds here. Just don't want to waste time and money if this has already failed. Thank you for your time.

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