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Originally Posted by pinballlooking View Post
How much does Ooma cost a month or is there a cost?
There is a hardware cost. When I got mine the cost was a one-time cost of $130. Now I see them for around $90, or less.

Then they have a "Premium Service" with nice features that I thought was well worth $9/mo.

Since I've had mine, I have come across Ooma units in thrift stores for as little as $6. I connected them to Ooma (setting up number, etc), and they work great.

Now, I have a cell phone, but I'm keeping the Ooma service. Nice to have that 2nd line (Ooma can have 2 lines, also).

With my old POTS phone, if there was a power outage, which happens periodically where I live, it always kept working. But with IP phone, some kind of UPS battery backup is required for the modem, and Ooma (or equivalent IP phone), and if you have wireless home phone, for that, also.

I think it is a good idea to keep multiple communication channels available.

I talked my GF into getting one, because the voice quality was so bad on her cell phone that I was having serious problems understanding our conversations. The Ooma totally made a difference. She thought it was silly, having the Ooma AND a cell phone. However, a couple of months back she had fatal problems with her cell phone, at a moment while several interdependent projects were in play... the Ooma (or equivalent IP phone) save the day. So now, she's convinced.

I had a friend who had "Magic Jack". My advice is stay away.

I'm not an HVAC technician. In fact, I'm barely even a hacker...
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