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I installed Enphase M215 microinverters with my 205 watt Evergreen panels some years ago, and they clip at 225 watts (which I will admit doesn't happen a lot). I'm not sure what the 205 watt panels could actually produce! I went with the microinverters because of their 25 year warranty and that I didn't have room for a string inverter inside in a heated space and string inverters available to me weren't designed for outside winter temps in Wisconsin.
We have about 5.4 kW of panels in total, including our originals in use since 1981, and they take care of our house and shop electrical energy needs, charge our Nissan Leaf and GE Elec-trak garden tractor, and run our Fujitsu mini-splits which take care of our A/C in summer and much of our house heating in fall and spring. We have been getting a modest electric bill in January after using our banked surplus production from the sunnier months of the previous year.
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