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My wife and I celebrated 4 years of net metering yesterday with our 4.4kW DIY install system running Enphase M215 inverters. Continues to run flawlessly, collecting 6MWh/yr. Overall, no complaints, only thing I would change would be to have installed it all sooner. Of course, I keep saying the same thing about the 4.6KW array we have for our second home.

When I comment about the concept of someday adding an EV to my car collection and powering it with sunshine via adding a second PV array at the house, my co-workers look at me like I am totally nuts. It's a 32 mile each way commute for me, which a Leaf, a Model3, or any number of other modern EV's could easily handle...

Antdun may be surprised, I know my utility quoted up to 3 weeks to install the net meter, in reality it took about 8 days. When my wife called me to tell me the power company was at the house to install the meter just before lunchtime in 2013, I couldn't wait to come home and flip the PV disconnect breakers ON. I think I've intentionally switched the array off once since then, as a Hurricane named Matthew was approaching.
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