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Default Free Heat-Loss Programs...

Here is a link to download a trial copy of HVAC-Calc Residential 4.0. This is a program that runs on the PC and will calculate the heat loss (or gain) for a house.

They also have a commercial version, but the residential is more suited to homes.

This is a timed version, but the time that they allow is very generous.

It is a great way to try various "renovations" and calculate how much they will reduce heat loss.

* * *

And here is another free heat loss program, in the form of a spreadsheet, from Canada, called RetScreen.

I have seen plenty of interest in RetScreen from lots of professional people. With some going so far as expanding the usefulness of the program and making their version available also.

I have seen discussions on this site (EcoRenovator) about making spreadsheets, but if they are being posted, I have missed the posts.

At any rate, RetScreen is an impressive contribution to a world running short of energy, and it is wonderful to see what a generous nation can do.

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