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When the sun explodes, the earth is all done. This is in about a BILLION years. For all intents and purposes, this is unlimited during the time the earth has life on it.

Underwater coal? Yeah, right. Coal is horribly dirty, and spews mercury, and carbon fuels are what is causing the rapid changes in the climate. And it is limited to a specific quantity -- what do we do after it runs out? What kind a world are we leaving for all future life? No thanks.

Why limit ourselves to a few thousand years? Thorium is not yet a reality, it costs an unknown amount and it has many unknown risks.

Renewable energy has none of these challenges. The energy itself is free. The energy itself has no pollution. It is all over the place. No one controls it. No country can dominate another country's energy supply.

We have to fit into the cycle of life. We *are* a part of it, and we cannot pretend to be separate. We cannot have "waste". We cannot poison the earth -- and when we throw something away -- it is still here.
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