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Originally Posted by nibs View Post
In response to Ryland, my goal here is to have people making their own blades, if folks begin carving simple blades, which they get to work, they may well be inspired to try multi bladed props, to discover for themselves the various design configurations. A discussion of two bladed or multi bladed prop superiority is not my intent. opinions vary. If we can get effective props generating electricity at lots of sites they will raise awareness. Prop carving does not need to be a black art, two bladed props are simple to make and effective.
Have you a design in mind for the two bladed props, i would like to have a go at carving them with a handheld router, or any step by step design using a router would be handy. No matter how much i search it always returns using a cnc router. At present i have a homemade affair made from scooter parts for the bearings,motor,gearing,chain etc and some homemade pvc pipe blades. Startup seems problematic along with the neighborhood kids throwing things at them,hence the move to a wooden design
many thanks
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