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Originally Posted by Daox View Post
Hard to say since the first video FPS was so low, but I imagine the bearings made a big difference. What is the next step?
I've ordered a different router bit to help improve the blade shape.

In another test that I didn't video I rounded the lower front edge of the blades and set it back up on the pivot. They seemed to be more reluctant to start but when they did they were scary fast, nothing but a blur. I took them down because I didn't want the blades to fly apart and break a window or hurt someone.

I did quite a bit of research and adding the twist to the blades just doesn't seem to be worth the hassle. These blades are very easy to make once you get the tools set up and trying to add some "twist" to the middle half or third doubles or triples the work. I think greater gains could be had just by increasing the rotor diameter, which doesn't really increase the work.

I'm also trying to build a small turbine for the "5 watts for $25" challenge. It won't be a VAWT, but I think that's OK as long as makes some usable power.
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