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Well I had great plans but everything got in the way.... This summer was extremely hot as in we had our last 101* day on the 6th of october. Yes 2 days ago... Went from 101* in the afternoon then the front finally pushed the high pressure away and it dropped to 58* by morning. We haven't seen temps under 78* in months.

So being that hot then other stuff then catching the bug along with horrible allergies then we were on vacation in Greece and now finally getting back to normal....

Here is a link to all the pictures of the car. I will be getting back to assembling the new front frame rails etc very soon. I need to finish building my body cart so I can get it high enough off the ground to work under it IE weld and sand blast underneath..

Here it is being pulled out of my friends building.(christmas eve last year)


And basically where it is today. Old accident damage up front so it all gets replaced.

As for lighting I put a bunch of these in my friends new shop and they are working quite well for the price.
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