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Originally Posted by jeff5may View Post
Good point here. The big question is how are you heating and cooling the house now? Lots of ifs and not much specific information given besides local climate conditions. If I had low cash and minimal extra space, I would snatch up a smallish twisty knob window shaker and run it on dehumidify or low, and put it in the shower stall for a quick test run. I have no idea if you even have a shower, so ymmv.
Typical 1960 brick ranch house in TX around 1700sqft. And no i will never have a window unit in any house i live in, well the shop does have a 2 ton but it's undersized.

Right now I have demoed the master bedroom and am integrating the hallway into it as it needs the room for the bigger bathroom and the hallway was basically unused. I'm thinking the best route will be to add a small minisplit in the master bedroom. It would serve dehumidify needs year round and I can keep the bedroom colder at night so I can sleep in the summer without having to keep the whole house colder. I sleep much better when it's around 60 to 65*

The existing window on one wall is a 3,0 X 5,0 and I will be replacing it with a wider window but higher off the floor (brick work). So I will be able to drill a hole in the concrete foundation and run the lines inside the wall for a nicer install.

FYI those tall windows they love to put in houses here are a massive heat load even when fully shaded and modern windows not to mention you end up without a wall to put furniture on. Every wall has a door or a floor to ceiling window. Tall windows are a horrible decision.

Oh and the question of utility costs. Our highest elec bill was about $220 about 5 years ago when we were hitting 117* every day for two weeks and the lowest temp was 81* and it still 95* after midnight. But that was before we changed elec plans and our rate is much better now and that bill would be about $175 under the current plan.
Our last months elec bill was $80 ish forget the KWH usage but that includes my shop and I have been running the two 60 gallon air compressors a bunch lately cutting apart and welding back together a 66 mustang. I love airtools and they are horribly inefficient but the best tool for the job.
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