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Originally Posted by WyrTwister View Post
Now that I have thought about it a little more , I suppose they are painted for corrosion protection ? After all , they are outside & get wet when it rains .

But everything I have ever read indicates that black radiates heat better than any other color .

True , it might dissipate heat better if it had no paint . But no protection .

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Generally black does, and that matters if the primary method of cooling is radiation, and it's in the dark. plenty of compressors are blue/red too. either way the primary method of cooling a hermetic compressor is internal to the shell. otherwise any unit with a factory blanket would die an early death, and that just doesn't happen.

color goes both ways, black will radiate heat faster, AND it will absorb heat faster. plus some colors (pigments) are less resistant to corrosion, or are more toxic.
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