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Default Anyone working to off grid

Here it is June 03 2018 and I'm claiming success on the 20 kw inverter. We had accomplished a load test and with a scope saw a pure sine wave 60 htz with no artifact of noise YAY!!

The batteries fully charged covered a load of 15 amps without breaking a sweat while our inverter delivered a 21 amp @240 volt rock solid. Our resistive test load was only capable of the 5kw. but I claim victory

Over the next short while the inverter will be mounted and conduit run with cabling that will carry the desired currents. A transfer switch will be placed between the grid and our power production so a seamless transition can be made from off grid and IF only If we require a back-up from the grid. But as the system is configured should have us through summer and fall totally off grid.

We have a 25 kw transformer filtering and splitting the 240 volt to 120 volt.

The solar panels will provide max 11.5 kws of charge and operational power and batteries will do their work while at night air-conditioning, lighting, cooking TV and my sons video gaming. It will be a bit of a change as during peak hours for grid power was a bad time for anything power hungry will now be the time to plug in, clothes drying, baking in the oven and charging the vehicles.

As the off grid excitement grows so may my system. Back of the napkin design states that additional battery power and possibly solar panels may be necessary but we are off to a good start. We heat with Geothermal and that is the holy grail to power all for all seasons and it seams its possible!!!

I will keep everyone updated as we power through summer OFF GRID as this looks to be a non issue.

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