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Default Working Toward Off Grid


I've had some contact with this bright young fellow in the video. He had converted a van to electric using an industrial motor and you guessed it a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive). Although it was an experiment limited to just some trips around the neighborhood he had won and was driving on electrons. This was some 8 yrs. ago

Saturday March 3 and I'm at it in the shop. Its getting exciting now. The inverter has been running although some little gremlins are present. The enclosure is being fitted with components. The fan cooled heat-sink was savaged from and old VFD and exposed on the exterior of the box. I have some rather large el-caps that will be pre-charged when inverter is initially turned on. Followed by full power with the closing of a high current relay.
I have the Gigavac (rated 400amps!!!) battery disconnect ready to be mounted in the front panel as well as a nice digital meter.

The processor can be seen just below the IGBT boards. The ribbon cables will be neatened once the board is mounted.

I've used a Vicor DC-DC to provide low voltage 400-12Volt to operate the processor and relay

Spring is coming along with sunny weather. Who wouldn't like to be running a household on solar.???

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