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You have had your Volt for a few years and have done exceptionally well. Do you anticipate getting a Bolt with the larger range?

Here is the undercurrent (so to speak) question. Is the per watt charging efficiency of the new Bolt better than the existing Volt. I expect the new Bolt to have a larger battery, and thus longer range. Let's assume it is four times larger. But does it require four times the kWhrs to charge it?

I have been looking for charging statistics and cannot find them. I can find times on different charging levels, but I am sure the charging efficiency is there - somewhere.

I have been told that the newer batteries have far less heat generated while recharging and thus the charging efficiency has gone way up.

Also, what do you expect of the Bolt's "200 mile" range when you factor in air conditioning, radio, headlights, etc.

Lastly, do you expect the prices of the older Volts to take a nose dive with the newer Bolt?

Our daughter lives close to work (8 miles) and I am encouraging her to look at an older EV such as the Volt or Leaf.

Thanks in advance.

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