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I'm a ePrey regular, but some, if not most of these sellers do not ship directly into Canada, only a handful would bother to ship to my friend's place in Seatac (upon explanation sometimes).

I've initially implemented cold-start electronic ballasts in my garage (2 of those 4ft pair types, T-8), but the cost of tubes here north of 49th parallel for T-8 is simply highway robbery (cheepest would be around 9bux a pair, avg 12bux pair). after doing one fixture in my garage, and by accident, I decided to take them all off and retrofit with E26 standard screw based 23Watt CFL instead, citing that (a) they too, are electronic ballast types; (b) I have acquired a box full of 23Watts from my house's pot light retrofit (now with reflector pot light housing, so now I'm using std E26 13Watt CFLs instead); (c) I also acquired some highly subsidised CFLs @ Walgreens: box of 3 CFLs costs 99cents! (I bought boatloads of them)....

Thx to PSE with heavily subsidising, I'm now good for a long, long time before I need to consider retrofitting to LED or go back to 4' T-8 again...

(*T-8 electronic ballast fixture ended up in my neighbour's garage, and the other fixture in my MIL's laundry room*)

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