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Originally Posted by jeff5may View Post

You're getting a feed in check for power generation. Why would you rob yourself?
I don't intend to rob myself. As I said in an earlier post my home is on higher ground but around it the whole area is a flood plain. In a flood the whole area including my home could be without power for a long time. That is when I would want to use the panels because that is when the inverter would not run
You have a power inverter that's doing the risky power conversation for you already. Just use the usual wall outlet devices for the science experiment stuff. Safer, tested for reliability, etc.
The testing would only be supplied with 230 v AC but I suppose I could rectify it and end up with about 325v unregulated DC and wire 2 psu in series as they will run when only receiving about 160v feed.
If you feel like you just must play with the hvdc, you absolutely must make a custom device that will run reliably at 10 percent or so higher DC voltage than you'll ever be able to generate. Stepping down from 500 to 12 or 17 vdc brings some sort of buck converter to mind.
I guess that would be an alternative, mosfets can now handle a high voltage and control huge amounts of power now.
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